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Original Beaded Flowers and Fine Art Designs by Carla Fluck

Beaded Botanicals is an exhibit of the many artistic talents and fine arts produced by Carla Fluck. With over 30 years of experience in sculpting with beads on wire and in the many clay mediums, Carla has mastered many unique techniques to ensure one-of-a-kind beaded flowers and sculptures. Carla’s wide-ranging expertise using beads, wire, wood, and clay, allows her to create beautiful beaded flower center pieces, bouquets, floral studies, sprays, and other interesting items that are found throughout nature. Carla not only designs and creates these wonderful beaded pieces for private collections, but is also known to participate in collaborative works with other artists for public and private projects and displays. Examples of these collaborative pieces can be found in the Collaborative Works section of this site. 

Notes from Carla:

"I have chosen to use clay and beads as mediums, because each medium gives each piece the ability to become a family heirloom due to their longevity. Each medium also lends itself very well to capturing the natural beauty associated with nature."


 Beaded Flowers - Three Orchids in Knotted Celtic Vase

 Beaded Dragon


Miltoniopsis Orchid Blooms in Raku

 "I fell in love with beaded flowers on a cloudy winter day, when I spotted a beaded bouquet on display in the window of a storefront. I realized then, the eternal beauty and illusion of the beaded flowering plant and the fact that the piece would never fade or wilt with the passing of time. I was inspired with the delight that this medium allowed one to place an ever-flowering bouquet of blossoms in any dark corner of a room giving the room more color and life no matter what the season."



 Beaded Flowers - Brassia Verrucosa

Beaded Flowers - Lavender Mums and Roses


Beaded Flowers - Frilled Lizard


"Though producing this art is very time consuming, the long life of every piece is well worth the care I put into producing them. I lace each petal larger than one inch with very fine wire to help hold it in shape and to increase the durability of the finished piece. My techniques allow me to hide the wire framework of each piece for added realism."

"After 30 years, my love for this time-tested art has only grown with each piece I create. My first beaded bouquet is as vibrant today as the day I finished it. My years of experience in this medium have allowed me to develop techniques to pattern and produce any flower or plant. This allows the creation of any custom shape or form with the beads on wire."


Beaded Flowers - Anniversary Roses

  Beaded Flowers - Candle Holder, Magnolia , Bonsai

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